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Clear Voice Coaching has offices in Vienna and Amsterdam but trainings may be located anywhere.



Dipl.-Kfm. Alexander Mingst - Personnel Development
WU - Vienna University of Economics and Business:
Priti Coles, trainer in our in-house programs, has met with unanimous approval and positive feedback from our participants: …truly inspiring, lots of individual attention...great hands on workshop with a fascinating teacher
…very applicable in real life situations (lectures, meetings)…fun, intense…managed to create such a nice atmosphere in the group...has strong knowledge and experience in her field; very friendly and focused …an open, engaging and challenging way of teaching the basics of good presenting

Ingrid Amon - European Network of Voice Trainers:
Priti Coles is a member of the network. With the warmest of recommendations, I can unequivocally vouch for her quality and liveliness.

Andrea Lillo - C.F.O. of a major Italian Telecom Company:
The sessions were not only enjoyable but well planned and structured offering a comprehensive, systematic build-up of techniques, very easy to understand and remember. We also focused on allowing risk: breaking away from old, stiff habits, with the result that I´m now much more relaxed, spontaneous. My spoken English has greatly improved.

Catherine Choo - Financial Assistant of a major Italian Telecom Company:
I´ve spoken English since childhood but my inflections and accent were strongly affected by my Malaysian heritage. People often found me hard to understand. In the Clear Voice Coaching sessions we corrected several vocal issues. I now have much clearer speech and more confidence as a result.

Ina Zwerger - ORF Austria:
Just a few hours working on pacing, body language and English pronunciation with Priti Coles was a huge help … my presentation for ARS Electronica was a great success and they immediately offered me the opportunity of doing it again.