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  • Clear Voice Coaching offers high powered speaking and communication training
  • Founder, Priti Coles, is an expert for the voice, speech and presence in business, academia, science, research and the arts
  • Her unique approach, combining 15 years of executive-coaching experience with in-depth stage performance know-how, enables clients to gain vocal and physical presence, expression and authenticity
  • All Clear Voice Coaching communication training programs are tailor made to fit your needs, working one to one, in groups, online or in person
  • Additional focus: English presentation-skills and accent reduction for individuals and organisations who need to shine in this language



Do you ever ask yourself these questions?:

Is it possible to find more impact, ease and authenticity when giving professional presentations?

As a researcher I know my subject inside out, but how do I get people to really listen?

Are there techniques for dealing with anxiety, fear of public speaking or "stage fright"?

I experience vocal issues and breathlessness when speaking publicly – is it possible to solve this?

How can I improve my English presentation skills?





  • Impact, confidence; vocal and physical presence for all speaking situations, talks and business presentations
  • Effective, hands on tools through easily learnt, coherent methods
  • Clear, inspiring speaking for conveying complex data, technical or scientific information and research – so your content will be really understood
  • Presence and mindfulness for serenity and relaxation in any situation
  • Improved awareness of body, breath and voice; a sense of well-being. You will feel increasingly alive and positive, the more familiar and connected you become with your body, breath and voice!





ENGLISH SPEECH AND PRESENTATION-SKILLS for conferences, webinars, phoning, online meetings or just socializing. As a London born native speaker and professionally trained actor, international opera singer and vocal coach, Priti Coles’ focus is on pacing, articulation, pronunciation, emphasis, and expression in English.
VOICE PROBLEMS such as vocal tiredness, too soft, loud, high or breathy, can often be solved quite simply. For this we use methods which playfully coordinate the voice, breath and body, release tension and activate the correct muscles for effortless speaking.
CLEAR, INSPIRING SPEAKING for complex, scientific or technical content in business or academia – get your know-how across in a way that your associates will really listen to and understand.
YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE – voice and physical presence on camera and with the microphone, for webinars, video-conferences, online presentations and podcasts.
A POSITIVE APPROACH that´s also inventive, intuitive and playful, Priti creates a supportive environment in which direct results can be achieved. She builds on personal strengths to find creative, individual solutions for confident, inspiring speaking for all situations.




Clear Voice Coaching has offices in Amsterdam and Vienna.
The founder Priti Coles is a London born, native English speaker and fluent in German and Dutch.