Clear Voice Coaching


The essence of successful communication -
we enable you to get it!

  • Clear Voice Coaching offers high powered speech & communication training
  • We are a team of international artists and management trainers
  • Using techniques drawn from our extensive stage careers and corporate-coaching experience, our clients gain vocal clarity, authenticity and "executive-presence"
  • We work one to one or in groups in the worlds of business, academia, personal development and the arts
  • Our communication training programs are tailor made to fit your needs
  • Our additional focus: English presentation-skills and accent reduction for individuals and companies operating internationally who need to shine in this language

Our offices are based in Amsterdam and Vienna.
We are English native speakers and fluent in German and Dutch.           

Do you ever ask the following questions? :

How can I put myself or my company across more effectively?

What can I do to deal with nerves or "stage fright"?

Can one find more ease and authenticity when giving a presentation?

How do I improve my English presentation skills?


  • Impact, confidence, "executive-presence"
  • Inspiring communication through effective, coherent methods
  • Poise, ease of delivery and authenticity for public-speaking or presentation
  • Improved awareness of body, breath and voice
  • Presence and mindfulness for serenity and relaxation in any situation
  • A heightened sense of well-being: you will feel increasingly alive and positive
    the more familiar and connected you become with your body, breath and voice!


  • ENGLISH presentation-skills and speech for phoning, conferences or just socializing.
    As a native speaker, professionally trained actress, singer and English trainer, Priti Coles’ focus is on pacing, articulation, pronunciation and expression
  • VOICE PROBLEMS (hoarseness, vocal tiredness, too soft, loud, nasal, or pressed) can often be solved quite simply. We use methods which playfully coordinate voice/breath/body, release tension and activate the correct muscles for effortless speaking and vocal clarity.
  • A POSITIVE APPROACH that´s also inventive, intuitive and playful; we recognise your plus-points; build on them and give constructive feedback and tips